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What five fantastic products do you use now, and why do you love them?
"I use ANSR [], a hand-held device that emits blue and red light, to clear my acne twice daily. I find there’s no need for fancy prescriptions like Retin-A when I use this sleek disc. I like the idea of having red and blue photo-therapy at home."

"The Red Light is AMAZING" - From a real ANSR user!)

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Since turning 40, adult acne has been plaguing me. I was recently diagnosed with rosacea and my dermatologist prescribed three medications which were working but which I really didn't want to take on a long-term basis.

I started using ANSR this past May (I'm on day 95!) and I can truly see a difference in my skin! While I still get an occasional pimple, gone are the clusters that had been gathering on my nose and cheek areas! The biggest change of all has been the decreased redness associated with rosacea. I hated the color of my red skin and every morning I would immediately reach for foundation to conceal it.I think the red light is AMAZING at reducing the facial redness with which I was living.

I have also noticed that my facial lines and wrinkles around my eyes seem much softer. My skin feels and looks younger!While the blue light hasn't taken away all the pimples, it did keep the clusters on my nose and cheeks from reappearing. The blue beam is minimizing the bacteria on my face and limiting the life of those I do get. My outbreaks don't seem as severe, and are contained and shortlived.

I like the topicals a lot and don't find them too drying, considering my skin is quite sensitive. I have noticed that over the last three months my skin is less oily and my pores are smaller. August 19, 2009 adds ANSR phototherapy systems, the nation's leading e-commerce specialty retailer provding scientifically sound solutions for healing and maintaingin healthy skin, has added the skin care brand, ANSR, to its assortment of premium beauty products. ANSR is the next-generation skin care system that utilizes clinicall proven phototherapy that not only rejuvenates the skin by improving texture, fine linesand redness, but also fights blemishes.

Phototherapy consists of applying LED (light-emitting diode) light directly on the skin to improve and heal the skin. The ANSR beam emits LED light in high-intensity red and blue wavelengths. This type of therapy has proven effective in treating signs of aging, acne, psoriasis and eczema.“ANSR is a great addition to our skin care device department. It is also unique because it is multi purpose and rechargeable,” said Jeff Askenas, VP of Merchandising for SkinStore.

ANSR: in NewBeauty magazine!

Check out ANSR: in NewBeauty magazine -- on newsstands now!


New-aging-purchIf your skin is in need of some repair, but you don't have the time or money to devote to treatments at the dermatologist's office (and really, who does these days?), then you may want to consider the ANSR: Skin Rejuvenation Kit, $195. The kit contains the ANSR: BEAM, one of the only hand-held devices on the market that offers both red and blue light therapy. What does this mean exactly? 

BEAMing Together

Tina and Ann, two hikers from the Wednesday Women Walkers group, discovered they were both BEAM'ers on a recent overnight excursion. It was a "photo op" they couldn't pass up.

The Chic Sheet: Light Up Your Skin

Wd_blogicon-style-me#32D40EAsk your dermatologist at your next appointment about LED light therapy and I’m sure you’ll get an ear full about its wonderful skin benefits. It’s currently being used to treat acne and to rejuvenate skin for a more youthful appearance. Blue light waves are used to help breakdown bacteria on the skin’s surface that can cause inflammation and breakouts. Red light waves help to stimulate collagen to create new, healthier cells and to get your skin looking even. I’ve been testing out ANSR: BEAM, a hand-held device that features both blue and red light therapy that can be done at home. I also have a friend who battles acne giving it a try too. It requires you schedule ten minutes a day to complete a treatment (which is not easy these days, I know!). The good news, it can be done anywhere (think lunch break). All you have to do is gently glide the device over your entire face and neck. The first five minutes you’ll receive a blue light treatment. Then it switches to red light therapy for the last five minutes. Could this be the skin miracle we have all been waiting for? Only time and patience will tell. My fingers are crossed.

What are you using on your skin these days? - Melissa Matthews, Beauty Editor 

SPA at Home on Sunday with ANSR

At age 30, I'm ready to do whatever it takes to be zit-free forever. If that means investing $185 in an at-home laser like the ANSR: BEAM, then so be it.

The ANSR: BEAM is a small round device that emits a harmless but high-intensity LED blue and red light waves to fight acne, scarring and aging.

You can use the device on clean skin for a maximum of 20 minutes per day: 5 minutes of blue followed by 5 minutes of red each morning and evening. I just started testing the system this morning... READ MORE HERE.

Spotted: The Battle Against Adult Acne

Shiver me lightbeams! An at-home LED device, similar to the same one my dermatologist offers in his office at $150 a treatment, for under $200? I was intrigued. And so were my neighbors, I’m sure, when bright beams of blue (bacteria-destroying) and red (collagen-building) light shot across my window late at night. The device is small, about the size of a deck of cards, and happily hums as you navigate the product around your face while in ANSR bliss.
I skipped the topical products and went straight for the laser. I knew I was to expect results “in about 2 months,” but I saw mild changes the very next day. Deeply embedded nodules that were in my right cheek softened; mild scarring leftover from a bad breakout six months ago appeared lighter. Within a week, my skin was softer, smoother, and more evenly toned.

The verdict? I’m a cynic when it comes to this stuff, but I was honestly shocked, happily surprised and ready to call my mother to tell her I had met the love of my life. Unfortunately, ANSR-human marriages aren’t legalized yet, so I’ll stick to using the ANSR once or twice a week for now.

Karyn Polewaczyk
The ANSR Acne Starter Kit ($185 at

Nitrolicious Discovers ANSR

I just discovered ANSR, a new at-home LED device for acne and skin rejuvenation, it was created by Portland-based Oregon Aesthetic Technologies (OAT). The device addresses blemishes and acne with it’s proven effective blue light and the red light calms the skin, reduces inflammation and rejuvenates the skin- similar to the treatment you get at a doctor’s office. READ MORE HERE>

BeautyNews NYC likes the ANSR: BEAM

With so many skincare products on the market, it’s hard to tell what will work for you or if it will even work at all. As technology has evolved, advances in beauty have been made as well, say hello to plastic surgery, Botox, laser hair removal and now ANSR. ANSR is an acne care system that works with topical treatments as well as an at-home photo light therapy device called BEAM. READ MORE HERE.