Spotted: The Battle Against Adult Acne

Shiver me lightbeams! An at-home LED device, similar to the same one my dermatologist offers in his office at $150 a treatment, for under $200? I was intrigued. And so were my neighbors, I’m sure, when bright beams of blue (bacteria-destroying) and red (collagen-building) light shot across my window late at night. The device is small, about the size of a deck of cards, and happily hums as you navigate the product around your face while in ANSR bliss.
I skipped the topical products and went straight for the laser. I knew I was to expect results “in about 2 months,” but I saw mild changes the very next day. Deeply embedded nodules that were in my right cheek softened; mild scarring leftover from a bad breakout six months ago appeared lighter. Within a week, my skin was softer, smoother, and more evenly toned.

The verdict? I’m a cynic when it comes to this stuff, but I was honestly shocked, happily surprised and ready to call my mother to tell her I had met the love of my life. Unfortunately, ANSR-human marriages aren’t legalized yet, so I’ll stick to using the ANSR once or twice a week for now.

Karyn Polewaczyk
The ANSR Acne Starter Kit ($185 at

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