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ANSR: made it into October's juli b San Diego top 6 beauty picks! Check it out here.

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ANSR: Now Available at Blush Beauty Bar

Good news for all you Rose City beauties out there - ANSR: Acne Care is now available at the Northwest beauty haven Blush Beauty Bar on Northwest 23rd.

Go visit the lovely ladies at Blush, get your pretty on and purchase your very own ANSR: BEAM and paraben-free, soothing topicals now! Or tonight, or this weekend... for those of us who have to work (boo). If you live in the beautiful city of Portland, Ore., ask about the free phototherapy demo!

Hello Dollface!

Many thanks to Cindy over at Hello Dollface for giving some love to ANSR: Acne Care! We love this adorable, girly blog (especially all the Marilyn photos)...

We can't wait to hear how Cindy's skin changes with ANSR: - and if you are also suffering from adult acne, don't wait for it to take care of itself. Take matters into your own hands and get clear skin with ANSR:. Like now.

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a happy day for the ANSR: family!!

Not only is it Friday...(oooh OOH!)

But it's a happy one! And I will tell you why...ANSR: was stamped with the golden seal of approval from Jen Adkins the About.com skin care writer!

She interviewed Shannon (our VP of product development) about acne care and ANSR: and posted an article about us...check it out here!

And to make it even more exciting...we sent her a kit to try out herself and pretty sure she loved it because she blogged about it!! - Jen's Skin Care Blog. Everyone needs to subscribe to her blog and sign up for the Skin Care Newsletter...so you can stay in the up and up on what she thinks about ANSR: and how totally fabulous it is!

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Hello out there in webland. We just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to some our our fave beauty blogs we've been reading this week.

These ladies are funny, super knowledgeable and of course, gorgeous!

Bella Sugar
Juli B.
Spoiled Pretty
Hello Dollface
Face Candy
Christabelle's Closet

Share your beauty faves with us in the comments.

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The ANSR YouTube Channel

Good morning and happy Monday everyone! Wanted to tell y'all about the ANSR: Acne Care YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/ANSR01).

Check back here for the latest vids (we're trying to get our hands on the infomercial outtakes!) No surprise, but our boy Chester's acne song is the most viewed video as of now... what? No one wants to see up-close acne "before" pics?

Check out the adorable and hilarious Inna as she describes her painful struggle with stubborn adult acne. Now she has gorgeous skin like she deserves!

ANSR: in Make Her Up

We are so totally excited because the buzz is starting to grow about ANSR: wahoo!! ANSR: Acne Care was featured on Make Her Up today! Make Her Up is an awesome blog that covers everything beauty, and we think you should definitely check it out. I'm sure that everyone reading this has already ordered their ANSR: kits (**wink wink...if not go here immediately and get one cause learn about fancy skin!!) but feel free to pass along Make Her Up's blog site to all your friends who haven't heard about ANSR: yet!

Also, if you aren't following ansracnecare on Twitter, you should be! Cause then you will always be getting the latest and greatest info on the happenings of ANSR:!

ANSR: is on Twitter!

ANSR loves social media! Get the latest info and news on ANSR: Acne Care and start following us at http://twitter.com/ansracnecare.

We heart Chester

Thought y'all might enjoy a mid-afternoon YouTube break. This is Chester See from the Disney Channel singing about ANSR:! Check out Chester's YouTube channel... he's super talented (and cute!)


Hey everyone,

ANSR: Acne Care PR efforts are officially full steam ahead! We launched our fancy MMR (that's multi media release) on BizWire this afternoon and we've already been picked up by Marketwatch!

Here's the official announcement:

New Product Brings Benefits of Clinical Phototherapy Directly to Millions of Acne Sufferers

ANSR: Acne CareTM Promises to be an Evolutionary Shift in At-Home Acne Treatment

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Portland, Ore.-based Oregon Aesthetic Technologies (OAT) today announced the availability of ANSR: Acne Care, a next-generation acne treatment featuring clinically proven phototherapy and a powerful set of topical ingredients to fight acne and heal the skin.

ANSR: Acne Care promises to be an evolutionary shift in at-home skin care by utilizing the technology of phototherapy (ANSR: BEAMTM) and powerful patent-pending topicals (ANSR: PREP, DAY and NIGHT) to build a comprehensive acne skin care solution that addresses multiple causes and effects of acne such as excess skin surface debris, oiliness, pore-clogging sebum, bacteria, inflammation, redness and scarring.

ANSR: will be advertised through television in markets around the country. ANSR: Acne Care is also available at www.ANSR.com.

About ANSR: Acne Care

OAT gathered a team of physicians, chemists and other skin care experts to apply the proven power of phototherapy to an easy-to-use, hand-held medical device that is accessible and affordable to all acne sufferers.

International research studies have demonstrated conclusively that acne-causing bacteria molecules absorb blue light waves, causing free radical damage to destroy the bacteria. Red light waves stimulate collagens to grow new cells, which help fade the redness, scars and pockmarks caused by acne.

ANSR: topicals complement the BEAM's phototherapy treatment while attacking specific causes of acne on their own. ANSR: PREP cleans and exfoliates the skin using salicylic acid. The DAY and NIGHT lotions fight acne by thinning skin oils (called sebum) using Aurazin a patent-pending blend of natural minerals and botanicals and a low dose of salicylic acid. These paraben-free topicals provide users with an advanced acne-fighting solution, complementing photo light therapy without using drying benzoyl peroxide or other harsh chemicals.

Todays options for acne sufferers are either remarkably outdated such as benzoyl peroxide, which has been around since the 1930s or expensive like clinical phototherapy, which can cost thousands of dollars, said OAT CEO John Ripper. ANSR: Acne Care is a technological advancement in acne treatment that has already changed peoples lives who never thought they would be able to afford having clear skin.

What Experts Say About ANSR: Acne Care

OATs board of advisors includes Dr. Neil Swanson, the Head of Dermatology for the award-winning Oregon Health and Sciences University (ranked as one of the top teaching institutions in the country).

"Dermatologists at leading research institutions have long touted the benefits of clinical phototherapy for treating acne," says Dr. Swanson. "ANSR: Acne Care offers acne sufferers an effective in-home solution that leverages the benefits of both red and blue light therapy and looks to be a significant improvement in acne treatment that's safe, without any side effects."

Dr. Debbie Miller, a dermatologist based in Portland, Ore., also believes in the power of ANSR: to treat and fight acne. "Finding a solution that really works to treat acne can be difficult and frustrating," says Dr. Miller. "ANSR: is unique because it's an acne treatment that capitalizes on the latest technological advances in phototherapy and complements it with specially formulated lotions. Together they kill acne-causing bacteria, thin pore-clogging sebum and reduce the redness in the areas affected by acne. ANSR: Acne Care appears to be a paradigm shift in the treatment of acne."

Real People, Real Results

Recent high school graduate Chelsea and 35-year-old Apryl have both successfully fought acne with ANSR: Acne Care. Before ANSR:, I tried everything creams, antibiotics, you name it. Anything my mom and I read about, I tried, said Chelsea. But nothing treated my acne and helped my skin look smoother or healthier like ANSR: did. I am honestly a new person.

Like most acne sufferers, before I found ANSR: I was desperate to try anything that would clear up my skin, said Apryl. Unfortunately, medications like Accutane come with the risk of severe side effects. I love how ANSR: not only treated my acne, but for the first time, my skin is clear, smooth and glowing.

Visit ANSR.com/amazing-faces to see and hear from more real people whose skin has been changed by ANSR: Acne Care.

About ANSR: Acne Care

ANSR: Acne Care is a groundbreaking acne skin care solution that harnesses scientifically proven phototherapy and proprietary, patent-pending topical skin care treatments that help to treat, prevent, and control acne, in addition to healing and revitalizing the skin. ANSR: Acne Care is a product of Portland, Ore.-based Oregon Aesthetic Technologies a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of skin, health and wellness products. For more information, visit www.ANSR.com.

Copyright © Oregon Aesthetic Technologies 2008. All rights reserved. ANSR:, BEAM, and AURAZIN are trademarks of Oregon Aesthetic Technologies. Patents pending.