a happy day for the ANSR: family!!

Not only is it Friday...(oooh OOH!)

But it's a happy one! And I will tell you why...ANSR: was stamped with the golden seal of approval from Jen Adkins the About.com skin care writer!

She interviewed Shannon (our VP of product development) about acne care and ANSR: and posted an article about us...check it out here!

And to make it even more exciting...we sent her a kit to try out herself and pretty sure she loved it because she blogged about it!! - Jen's Skin Care Blog. Everyone needs to subscribe to her blog and sign up for the Skin Care Newsletter...so you can stay in the up and up on what she thinks about ANSR: and how totally fabulous it is!

Cheers to a happy Friday!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you so much for ANSR. I can not belive the progress I have had after just 3 weeks! Before ANSR, I had really bad acne scarring all over my face. Today, my face is so smooth. The scars are just about gone and my complexion is so much brighter. Today a man that I haven't seen in about 3 weeks came into my office and before he left he said, "I'm sorry that I keep staring at you, but something looks different about you." I know what it was! It was ANSR!
Thank you thank you thank you!
I would like to make one recommendation. Pleas sell the day and night cream separately as an option. I've found that I have much better results using the night cream in the morning and at night. It's just as lightweight as the day cream, but much more effective.